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plaza 'plazə, 'pläzə

noun chiefly the Americas

1. a public square, often toward the center of town

2. a web site people bookmark


late 17th century: from Spanish, lit. "place"

A plaza attracts people doing business, including an occasional drug deal, but more often shoppers among the artisan vendors or those dining out. Usually a cathedral borders the plaza, reminding me of Ron Swanson's, "Say what you will about organized religion, those bastards knew how to construct an edifice."

From the plaza, of course, one may wander down a variety of streets. Some roads, the one that leads to Golgotha for instance, may not be where most of us want to visit most of the time. (But it's there.)

Many streets are purely secular in nature, as are many of the books reviewed. Agree or disagree, and feel free to leave comments.

Following definition number 2, this plaza includes...

One talk explains why I do not call myself a Christian, which should not be understood as thinking of Jesus as anyone less than the Most Important Person, the person who makes all others important in the long run.

The Plaza de Armas in Cusco has two cathedrals. Plaza de Armas, Cusco

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Indeed, one of the reasons why the Bible is inaccessible to so many is that the Bible, at its deepest levels, is actually a tissue of images. . . . Whenever you use an image, you will do well to think of yourself as standing in the middle of a plaza—one plaza among the many in the vast city of meaning that is human knowledge. Robert Farrar CaponHunting the Divine Fox  30-31

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